Friday, September 3, 2010

Johnny Jump UP!!

Lucas's new favorite toy!!!

1st Day of School

Lucas started Mother's Day Out on Tuesday at Woodmont Christian Church and loved it. He is in a classroom with 6 to 12 month old babies (he is only 5 months but made the cut off by 1 week). When I dropped him off on Tuesday, he smiled so big and when I picked him up he was having the best time with his new classmates. Here are a few pictures of his first day!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

2nd Beach trip of the summer

Lucas and I are at the beach for the week with my friend allie (from oklahoma). We are having a great time and Lucas is just loving the water. Our friend Niki is heading down today so we will have a great time catching up with her. Here are a few pictures.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lucas's 4 month Stats

Lucas went for his 4 month visit today!! Here are his stats...

Weight= 15 pounds 3 oz (52 percentile)
Height= 26 inches (82 percentile)

Dr. L thinks Lucas is doing great and he gave us the ok to start rice cereal and then baby food with Lucas.....HURRAY!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long blogging!

Life has been extremely crazy in the last couple of weeks and I haven't made blogging a priority. So what is new in our life these days?? Well, I was planning to return to work on the 19th but made a last minute decision to stay at home with sweet Lucas. Financially this probably wasn't the best idea but I know God will provide. I am amazed at how everything just worked out perfect and so thrilled to be staying at home with Lucas. I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom and I can honestly say it is the best job in the whole world.

Lucas has soo much personality these days and he is into everything. He has started flipping over onto his stomach and loves trying to stand up holding my hands. He is extremely vocal and babbles all day long. He puts everything he can get his hands on in his mouth and could possibly be teething. He turned 4 months last week so we should have the stats from his 4 month visit tomorrow.

I will post more pictures soon!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

What has little Lucas been up to lately?

He is holding his head up a lot these days
still loving the swimming pool

He tried out his new playset for the first time this week (notice his legs don't even touch the ground ha ha)
another bumbo pic!

Words can't describe the love that we have for Lucas. He has brought so much joy into our lives and we are absolutely amazed at how God blessed us with such an incredible child.

Last Weekend....just a little late!

The birthday girl, Kaylee in the middle!

Baby sister, Sela trying to keep up with the big girls

Last weekend we made a quick day trip to birmingham for my niece, Kaylee's birthday. We left first thing Saturday morning and returned home after the birthday party. The birthday party took place at this cute kitchen in Vestavia and all the little girls made homemade pizza, cupcakes, and icecream. It was great seeing family and we look forward to seeing them again soon.